Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Y la monotonia es un asesino lento

Hi! This is one of my favorite combinations black jeans shorts, fishnet tights and florals. This shirt from Asos is amazing because is so versatile it can look very grunge or very elegant. To take this pics i went back to this factory where i take this photos early this winter. Just love the place. My hair is huge now, have to cut it a bit because it's a bit damaged in the tips, but i don't want to :( will make it darker almost for sure, i love this color when the sun doesn't hit it, but right under the sun is so orange i don't like it and it doesn't look that good with my skin color, just have to figure out what shade of brown i want, maybe a ashier one. Hope you like this look. 


  1. looooove your shirt and want the same shorts!

    Nina, xx

  2. Podes-me dizer onde compraste o choker necklace? c:
    Adoro o outfit! :3

  3. I wish my hair would grow that long! I love your lipstick. :] // ☼

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