Friday, April 18, 2014

Well no one told me about her, The way she lied

Hi! So many pics in this post -i know- but at first i try to take some photos by the river but it was impossible the wind was crazy my dress was in my head :D then we found another place near by but the wind strikes again and then we gave up and decided to go home and suddenly the wind stopped and we took some more in this place with this gorgeous landscape. I live in Paradise i admite. About the outfit this amazingly gorgeous dress is from Motel Rocks, i love floral dresses but this is my fav without a doubt love the act that it is black with the most amazing roses in red cream and i love the green of the leafs, 'cause just looks great with my parka, want to wear this outfit everyday.  Tried fake eyelashes for the first time this week and i'm in love, you can see in the pics my enormous eyelashes. Hope you like the look and the post.