Monday, March 24, 2014


Hi! I love Motel Rocks, all of Motel prints are just perfect, and i loved this dress for almost one whole year, and i don't know why i never bought it, so last week on Asos i found a great promotion and didn't think twice, is soooo me because is flare in the bottom, black and white and with floral print, now i just want every single floral print Motel has and not just that i'm loving the new dragon print and the sun moon and stars top and dress too. Will look for a few items on Motel website next week for sure, just have to decide between everything that i love. 4 years ago i only wore collegial looks, such as pleated skirt, white shirts and i couldn't live without my tie bow, i wore it so often that i got sick of it, now i'm trying to bring it back slowly. Last week i told you about my plans to make posts wearing denim pieces, this is the first one of that, with this i wanted to show how i layer denim in rainy spring days, choose this jacket because is long and covers almost all my dress keeping me safe from the wind and the water drops, and i love this color with black. Hope you like this post.


  1. This looks so good on you! Great outfit!

    x Dawn

  2. <3you

  3. It constantly amazes me how you look effortless in every outfit. Love the dark twist with this one! x