Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And all the roads we have to walk are winding

Hi! This look is all about the denim vest, and it maintains the denim thematic. The base look is so simple leather skirt, leather jacket, crop top, leather chunky boots=everything black. What makes the difference is this gorgeous vintage denim vest from Levi's this shade of blue is so 90s. I tend to wear it a lot on Summer with very light dresses or very short shorts and crop tops. But loved how it looks with the leather jacket underneath. I'm trying to put my hat aside for a while because i was wearing it everyday and like everything we use everyday, such as some heavy makeup for example, the moment we stop using it we look strange, it always happens to me, last year have a phase when i used my eyes very black very dark with lots os eyeliner and black powder shade, then when i didn't had the time to apply that much makeup my face looked weird xD but thats is normal because the makeup can really change the eye, but in this case is even more weird when i'm not wearing my hat i look different like something is missing from my head or face, wtv. Hope you like this look.