Thursday, January 23, 2014

And meet me at the back of the blue bus

Hi! Tomorrow i will go to my parents house and will have time to take pics and to plan new looks, i feel more like i'm home in Pinhão, i just know all the places like my hand and has lots of great spots to take pics, here in Porto i feel more like home in my home ahah i don't know all the places plus is always lots of people in the street and i'm kinda shy so i don't get much comfortable shooting here. About this outfit the turtle neck sheer top is from Mind the Mustard and i absolutely love love love it, i had one top similar but with round neck, this is much better, is what i wore in New years eve is perfect to combine with more interesting bras, i love this one from Intimissimi i have it for years but don't wear it a lot. The other pieces you guys already know :) And i'm wearing my docs, its funny that in winter i almost always wear creepers but on summer i wear my docs every single day i don't know why, but is always like that, and the creepers are not warm they are in fact very cold shoes, i believe in a question of proportion the winter outwear had more volume in the top so i kinda compensate that with chunky platform shoes i guess. Hope you like this post.

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