Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sleep When I'm Dead

 Hi! To day was a full day in college, lots of things to do. This look is actually from the end of September but it get lost and i completely forgot about it. Its a look that defines me, because i'm wearing not only black, but my fav type of outfits, crop top in velvet plus fishnet tights plus a skater or plated skirt and to finish creepers or my vintage chunky boots. Because i find this look today i have to wear something like this tomorrow, but warmer :), because i don't wear my tartan skirt later and i miss it. Well i'm gonna sleep now, because tomorrow it will be a long day of projects, sketching and making scale models of the intervention area. Hope you like the post.


  1. Claudia I love you so damn much,your style is incredible,you are my inspiration for everything ,for my blog , my outfits, and everything ,thanks my idol much love :*

  2. Absolutely perfeccccct!


  3. This is dope! You are dope! Totally adore your style!! <33
    Anyway, wanna follow each other ?? Just let me know ;))

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