Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The sun is gone, but I have a light.

Hi! This is almost the look that i wore in my bday, but to go to classes i don't wear my Tequila platforms from Deandri, for obvious reasons, they are not exactly quite comfortable and easy to walk, well in even floors like in the mall they are great but the floor in the streets here in Portugal is awful the worst in the world :D i only can walk really good in flats or flatforms or on my old Litas from JC, i believe Litas were a all terrain boots xD i can run in cobblestone, in sand in mud and never get tired or unsafe! I'm dying to buy the Mulder ones from JC too, everyday its a pain xD i need them in my life! I can walk really good in my vintage ones from 90s, but they mess with my knees because they are too heavy, at the end of the day my knees are destroyed! I really love this tartan top from Deandri, it is quite perfect, love the collar the length, the colour, everything. Hope you like this post.

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