Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lets fall in love

Hi, just posting again, this was my look today. This skirt has the most amazing colour i've ever seen the most amazing bordeaux a worm colour not to dark not to bright not to purple just the perfect colour i believe. I bought this skirt about 2 years ago, but in the meantime i got tired of my maxi skirts, but now i'm back to them i'm completely in love with them again, this one my sheer black one, my velvet one from evil twin, and i have another that i absolutely adore but never took pics with it, but i will soon. I love maxi skirts because they are very comfortable and easy to wear and in this fall weather it is a great choice. I love to combine bordeaux with black and silk with velvet and leather. Hope you like this post and the outfit.

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  1. I'm completely in love with your style!! Oh, and you are so beautiful ♡ ♡
    Nice blog!