Sunday, October 13, 2013

I wanna be sedated

Hi! I'm posting another look featuring my tartan skirt, but i just cant stop wearing it, there are so many combinations i want to do with it, i will post some more definitely. I love to combine tartan, and every other kind of plaid with black and white band t-shirts, and the weather in in Portugal is perfect to use t-shirts right now. I made this choker myself, using velvet that i had since i cut my Evil Twin maxi skirt, btw i just bought another Evil Twin velvet maxi because i regretted the moment i cut mine, i like it, but i prefer the maxi version, this time i just closed one of the splits, and left another open, you will see it in near future, about the choker just finish it putting a silver cross. Well today (it is already midnight now so 14th oct) is our-my boys and mine-anniversary, we are together for 8 years now and in love for 9 years, we just took it slow :) We will have dinner out and have some fun. Will post the outfit here. Hope you like the look and post.

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