Monday, October 7, 2013

As you grow older, you change.

Hi! I've won this boots in the begining of this year in January in Dr Martens share your style competition in December i used this look in my entrance  -  -  and i didn't use them much, because i have the classic 8 eye ones and they are more versatile, and then the summer came and they were to hot to use in summer, even for me because i always use boots on summer, i don't really like sandals that much, but they are awesome, they are the vintage made in england style which is my fav, they are practically new, i only used them 3 or 4 times, maybe not that much. I love how they look with skater bottoms, skirts or dresses, and plaid always looks good with docs. I already have a look featuring them  -   -   I have this Zara dress for almost 4 years it is perfect for this weather because the fabric is kind of thick but it has short sleeves. Hope you like the look.


  1. I love your collar and martens! I found you on lookbook, saw few of your outfits there and here and I think that your style is absolutely perfect! Love all!