Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer vacation

Hi! As i promised here it is the post with the pictures i took this summer vacation, i will try to explain one by one 1st one was a day in the river, and is my boyfriend plunging, 2nd one it was a party till morning in Tabuaço, 3rd one a pic that i take with my boyfriend and friends eating, we take this one to send to a friend of us who was starveling at my house, the 4th one was at the bike-show in Góis, the 5th one was camping in Góis, the 6th one me and my friends singing in a karaoke, the 7 and 8th ones it was two different night outs with my friends the 9th one was a night out in Porto in my friends Carolina 21 bday, the 10th at the beach the 11, 12, 13 and 14 4 different night outs with our friends, the 15 me and my boyfriend riding 200 km till Gois, 16 our camping tent and motorcycle, 17 in a Metal concert seeing Moonspell, 18 and 19 having fun on a weir with friends, 20 and 21 canoeing with my boyfriend. 

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