Monday, September 2, 2013

So you think you can love me, and leave me to die?

Hi, i love this skirt so much that i can't stop featuring it with different combinations. I add the shirt one night out, 'cause this skirt is very short and it can be very tricky so the shirt helped keeping everything in place, and i kinda love this combination and i wear it a lot since then. I'm waiting for a whole month now for a order i made from deandri, i bought the tartan plaid skirt and top and one of them harnesses they are sosososo cool i'm dying to have this items in my hand and i have so many combinations in my mind, cant wait to wear the harness with this leather skater skirt from asos and my turtle neck white top and my spike choker. Hope it arrives soon. Well my 24 birthday is this month, 09-14, and i want to wear complete Deandri outfit: top, skirt, harness and my tequilas, all plaid and white with some black details.