Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You can't always get what you want

Hi! I'm so happy because i've been able to post looks everyday this week, i do need to post more, but from next Saturday i'm on vacation yeyh! I'll have much more time. I love this evil twin skirt that i chopped in the front making it mini and long in the back. I'm trying to find two necklaces the yin yang pendant and the tattoo choker, i had like 1000 when i was a child, in black, rainbow colours, pink, yellow neon, but now they are so dificult to find.


  1. so cool, this outfit!
    I'm in love. <3
    I really love everything from this outfit.
    never change. :)


  2. Adoro looks black&white, mas este está mesmo muuuito bom!
    Já estou a seguir! :)