Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hi! Finaly i had the time to take some pictures with the dress Motel sent me. I find it so gorgeous and with some tan it will look much better, but the weather is still so cold for that. At first i thought that the drop shoulder wouldnt be that great for me because i have wide shoulders and narrow hips, but actually i love the drop shoulders :) I was so full of work for the college this days i wasn't able to do nothing, even sleep! I was expecting for the perfect shoes i just bought, Tequila from Deandri, i love them if i could i would buy all of Deandri's shoes, i'm so in love with hologram tequilas right now. Hope you like this look :)


  1. I love this dress! with the white tights and flower headband it looks so cool! =)