Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer vibes

I personally love a cute dress for summer. Is that anything easier than put on a dress, grab your bag, slide into some shoes and be ready in a minute? I truly love the easiness of putting up a cute look when you have a cute dress. 
This beautiful dress is from Metisu and you can find it here.
It's absolutely gorgeous, although this might look like a simple dress it had a lot of different details, i'm a sucker for this kind of cutout lace and the lace details are so delicate. I also love the frilled hem and the cutout details on the neckline, so so cute. 
I decided to make a chic look with a pair of block heels and a cute straw wicker bag, but it would look so cool paired with flat mules or even sneakers for a more casual vibe.
The shoes are from Prof and you can find them here

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ruffles and polka dots

My polka dots obsession continues and so does my polka dotted wardrobe ;)
This top is everything, isn't it? I'm in love, love how complex it is with polka dots, ruffles and a sheer chest and shoulders, it's so cute and feminine. The top is from Chicwish and you can find it here. When i wear such a complex piece i like that everything else is kinda simple and casual, so i wore it with my light wash Levi's 501 jeans, a simple pair of black heel and my straw bag from Zara.

Casual in a trench coat

Trench coats are my absolutely favorite. I think it is such a classic and elegant piece that has to make part of any kind of closet, if one is casual and laid back it will be the perfect piece to add some sophistication to a look, if you have a darker and edgier style like i used to, it looks amazing paired with some chunky boots or docs and over a all black look, that is still one of my favorite way to wear a trench. It goes with every trend, if you're into linen and beach vibes like i am lately it styles works perfect and in elegant looks too, i love to see them over a suit + shirt + heels outfit, so so cool.
I think trenches are like jeans they fit any wardrobe and everyone need at least one.
This is my newest, and favorite one, love the classic beige color and i absolutely adore the plaid on the inside, with a pop of red, and the golden buttons.
This one is from VIPshop and you can find it here, don't forget that you can have a $5 discount by using my code: claudia6710 at the checkout.
Underneath i'm wearing the most casual of the looks, medium wash Levi's 501 jeans, with a plane white tee also from Levis and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, To add some interesting elements to this look and to be a bit more chic i'm wearing gold accessories, such as my coin pendants from Things I Love and also from Mikaela Lyons, a Daniel Wellington watch and my Zara black and gold straw bag.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Polka Dots

Trend alert!! Polka dots.
Always loved them and i'm kind of obsessed gain.
Had to find the perfect tops, and found this on Zara, fell in love immediately, so much that i bought it in black with white dots and in white with black dots as well. In this search for the perfect polka dot top i also found this perfect shoes and perfect bag, collateral damage buys but so happy with them ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Black and gold

You guys know that i'm a sucker for black, and i love to find the perfect black outfit. 
Although i don't like to admit, all black can be boring sometimes, that's why i love to have interesting pieces, that can stand out even in an all black look. This pants are such a statement piece in a wardrobe, the palazzo shape is so elegant and chic and the buttons are the perfect detail to make them so trendy (did i tell you that i have a thing for buttons lately? i just fall in love with cute buttons like this, they can make a piece!)  Even basics can have some cute details, like this sweater i'm wearing, it a basic shape in the softest and tin knit (great for spring), that works with literally everything, from jeans, to elegant pants like this, you name it, a basic like this is so so important, and it has the cutest little decorative gold buttons on the sleeve with a little slit, so other than being a great basic, it's also so beautiful!
The sweater is from VIPshop and you can find it here, you can also use my code: claudia1061 for a $5 discount when you're shopping at VIPshop.
To break the black just a little, and also because i'm kind of obsessed with trench coat, i'm wearing this gorgeous trench, also from VIPshop, that you can find here

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Light denim and black

I actually been living in this aviator jacket!
I really love to have cool jackets like this because they make the simplest outfit, a great outfit. Here i'm wearing basics such as Levi's 501 jeans and a Levi's plane black tee, but the jacket, boots and bag really make this outfit updated and trendy.
I absolutely love bucket bags like this one, and the small size is perfect for summer, the bag is from Leather Skin and you can fin it here.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Plaid and red

Oversized blazers are errrthag!
One can never have too many checkered blazers, and if they are oversized even better, blazers tend to be very formal, and i absolutely love that about blazers, but i love to dress them down, because i don't want to look to fancy, so i always wear them either with a loose t-shirt or with sneakers, an oversized blazer is much more laid back, so i can dress it up a little more.
I'm completely in love this one, from VIPshop, it has the perfect fit and shape, you can find it here.
Just added my red bag, also from VIPshop to make the red details in the blazer pop.
Thank god the weather is getting perfect to wear outfits like this!

Don't forget that you can use my code: Claudia984

for a $5 discount at VIPshop.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Is that something better than a brand new black sweater? For me, that have 2 dogs and a cat, having a new black sweater something close to heaver ;)
First of all a new sweater, no matter its color, is always a great thing because it isso soft and knits tend to get a bit ugly with time, use and washes, but for a person who has white animals it's even better than that because a black sweater always gets my pets hair with time and it becomes impossible to take off (even with the tape rolls, i honestly don't know what to call them in english).
Black knits are so chic and classic, i always feel very chic with them. Besides all of that this one is one if my favorite ones ever because it's incredibly soft, it combines different textures of knit and it has a slit details on the back that i absolutely love!
To add soke interest and a bit of color to this look i add a chestnut coat, bag and boots (can you tell how much i love this color??)
I'm obsessed with the color and shape of this coat, best one at the moment!
Coat, sweater and bag are from VIPshop.
You can find the coat here.
And the bag here.
You get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50 at VIPshop with this code: Claudia984

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Black and grey

Spring is finally here! How i wanted for this day to come ;)
And for the upcoming perfect sunny days, the perfect sunglasses!
I was in the search for the perfect black and silver sunglasses for such a long time and finally found them! I'm absolutely in love!
You need to check Seen Opticians, and you'll find gorgeous eyewear, here i'm wearing the Garret Leight Wilson M frames, such a classic round shape, perfect for summer as they are extremely low weight, i don't even  feel them in my face.
I always get bothered by glasses during summer because the heat makes me sweat a little on my face and my sunglasses are always drifting off my nose, this one are so light that stay in place, do you struggle with that too, or is it just me?